Go Go Home

Go Go Burrito is an almost 5 year old business with two locations in Athens County. With a combined experience of more than 120 years between the owners and employees, Go Go strives to make great fresh food at a reasonable price.

The owner Joyce has a personal philosophy:

Go Go Burrito is based on our roots in the Athens Buggy World. Myself and my employees contribute over 120 years of Vending Experience both on Union Street in Athens and elsewhere. I have incorporated that love of mobile food vending in our Menu.

Much love and respect is given to our Buggy heritage:

The Branko Buggy (Branko)
The Original Burrito Buggy (Paul and Mark)
The Bagel Buggy (Mark)
The Works Buggy (Joyce and Charlie)
Sandwich Sensations Buggy (Joyce and Charlie)
Ali Baba Buggy (Nisar)

I would personally like to give my thanks and respect to Mark Bernards, Paul Wildeck, Nisar Shaikh and Nora Carter for the positive influence they have had on my business experience over the past 30 years.